Natural Products Chemistry

A natural product, in the broadest sense, is anything that is produced by life, including biotic materials (such as wood and silk), bio-based materials (such as bioplastics and corn starch), bodily fluids (such as milk and plant exudates), and other natural materials that were once found in living organisms (e.g., soil, coal). Any organic substance generated by a living organism is a more stringent definition of a natural product. Natural goods have a high structural diversity and distinctive pharmacological or biological actions as a result of hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection and evolutionary processes that have influenced their utility. Natural products chemistry function and contributions in advancing physical and biological sciences, their transdisciplinary domains, and the emergence of new paths by providing fresh applications, constructive inputs, drive, complete understanding, and a broad perspective.

Analytical Characterization of Natural Products

Ethnomedicinal And Ethnopharmacological Studies

Biosynthesis of Natural Products

Chemical Ecology