Plant Biotechnology

Alternatively, plant biotechnology might be defined as a collection of approaches that are used to modify plants to specific needs. Most of us have encountered scenarios in which various desires and opportunities coexist. For example, one crop must also supply property food and healthy nutrition, environmental protection, and chances for employment and gainful employment.. Finding or creating suitable plants is usually a complex task.

As a result of genetic research and genetic engineering, marker-assisted selection (MAS) and transgenic (genetic altered) crops, plant biotechnologies help to generate novel kinds and attributes. Genetic resources and breeding can be targeted for specific genes using these biotechnologies. They can also be used to transfer genes for specific qualities into plants wherever they're needed. Food and agriculture biotechnology research, training, and extension are funded by NIFA.

Plant Functional Biology and Biotechnology
Plant Pathology and Immunology
Plant Micropropagation
Seed, Fruit & Reproductive Plant Biotechnology